Joey (dudesy) wrote in prose_run_mad,

Do people still post here..?

Well, obviously, *I* do now. ^_^

This is a poem I wrote when random inspiration hit me on the night of January 1st, 2004, while waiting for the bus home. It doesn't reflect anything I was actually feeling at the time... I was (and am) quite a happy guy!

But hey... I'm a writer. I make stuff up.

Here's some stuff:

I Wish...

I'm sitting up late
With nothing to do.
I'm stuck in a room
A room with no view.
I stare at the phone
I'm thinking of you.
How I wish that you would call

I know that you wont
But dreams rarely fade.
I'm writing a note
I'm thinking your name
I'm smelling you hair,
Your scent on the day...
Life's troubles encompassed all

It's late in my room
My walls are bare
The drawers are empty
With dead eyes I stare
Too much to handle
Not enough for your care
There's sorrow but no tears fall.

The clock doesn't tick
Time wont make it fair.
The phone doesn't ring
Its ringer can't spare.
My room was ours
But now you're not there...

But I wish...
I wish...
I wish...

~ Joey (...wishes inspiration for this stuff hit him more often)
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